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As a French gemologist with a degree and a passion for gemology. I will guide you to the four corners of the world to visit mines, introducing you to both traders and stone cutters, while teaching you the techniques of trading, so to better identify various gemstones... and much more…

Small group

Our gemology trips last from 5 to 10 days, depending on the destination. The maximum number of participants is 6, providing a more personalized experience. (Large groups or individuals on request)

Amateurs and professionals

This gemological journey is curated for both amateurs and professionals within the jewelry industry.

Join us

Don’t hesitate to contact us for our registration file for our gemology tour, “gem hunters.”

Gemological travels around the world

Through our trips in each of the offered countries, you will discover mines, dealers, heating techniques, gemstones cutters as well as trading techniques, customs law and much more…

Our gemology field trips focus on teaching the skills of the gemstones trade, from theory to practice.

India is one of the world's most renowned destinations for ornamental and fine gemstones, Sri Lanka is one of the world's largest producers of gems, Thailand is now a hub for exceptional gems from all over the world, and Pakistan is a well-known market for exceptional tourmalines and many other fine and precious stones.

Each country has its own interesting and complementary features to discover.

At the end of your gemmological stay with us, you will receive a « Field Gemmology Certificate ».


Benoît Charbonneau

Trained as a jeweler and gemologist at GIA, Benoît invites you to discover his passion for gemstones. Fascinated by stones since his childhood, he never ceases to carry you away in his world of colors and unique journeys.

With more than 20 years of experience in jewelry and gemology, as a trader for the most exclusives jewelers at Place Vendôme in Paris and with artisan jewelers between Asia and France, he puts all of his trading experience and expertise at your service


Gemology was an integral part of Benoît Charbonneau’s education, at the end of 6 years of jewellery studies. After obtaining his graduation and winning several awards in jewellery, the young gemologist first worked as a jeweller in the prestigious workshops of the Place Vendôme in Paris, then for the famous jeweller "Chopard" in St Barths during 6 years. Before its return to France, he spent 6 months at the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in the United States to perfect his technical expertise in gemology.

After his experience in St Barths with an elite clientele, this jeweller-gemologist settled in France, and several positions in the jewellery business, Benoît Charbonneau's experience, knowledge and personality found an effective way to express itself by specialising in the trade and opening his company GEM SELECTION in 2015 in France.

Your hotels

Because we believe that your gemology experience should be unique and unforgettable, we have personally selected each of your hotels with the utmost care.


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