DISCOVERY GEMS, thanks you for your feedback on our gemology trips, which only have meaning through you.

The testimonies listed were written on our professional Facebook page and come from participants who came with us around the world on our gemology field trips.

A big thank you to all of you for following us regularly, with gemology as a common passion.

Laurence DE RAEDT (Belgium)

Trip to India and Sri Lanka

My dearest Benoît, last year I accompanied you to India, it was already a marvelous trip among the ornamental stones and emeralds... This year, I accompanied you to Sri Lanka where you made me live a dream... We were only 2 to make this trip, what a chance for me and for us. 

We shared wonderful moments of complicity, tenderness, listening to each other, laughter, therapeutic massages, all in an authenticity and simplicity that created a deep and caring friendship.

Thank you for this enchanting and magical stay, the "Laurence Tour" as you so aptly put it. A stay filled with wonderful opportunities, beautiful meetings, discoveries...

You have allowed me to know the difference between a jewel and a gem.

Thank you for these wonderful adventures...and see you soon for new discoveries in the world. 

Sidney GRUNBERG (Paris) France

Trip to India

My dear Benoît, As I am starting my way back to Paris, I wanted to send you a few simple words to thank you for these 5 enchanting, magical, enlightening and incredibly enriching days in an India that was totally unknown to me.

If this stay was a great success, it is due I think to the alignment of a number of good stars.

- Indeed, I have been exceptionally fortunate to have you all to myself. This has allowed us to develop deeper bonds, to have exciting and varied discussions, to exploit certain opportunities and to each benefit from the time necessary to achieve our collective and individual objectives in optimal conditions.

- Our personalities completely matched, which allowed us to fully appreciate each other's presence and personalities. I particularly appreciated your authenticity, your open-mindedness, your ability to question yourself, your culture, your interests, your human qualities as a manager such as empathy, listening, gentleness, attention, human development, love of man and respect linked to human nature. You have a good sense of humor and an exciting life experience. You know perfectly how to transmit your passion and your demand for quality through a well-honed pedagogy.

- Concerning the meeting with the traders, we were confronted with real cases and interesting practical cases. It was a real immersion in your professional life, rich in terms of human relations, cultural exchanges and daily discoveries associated with the passion of gems.

At the end of these 5 days, I came out of this trip very enthusiastic, with an increased desire for discoveries and travels combining unusual encounters and interests that are close to my heart. Clearly, I want to come back to this very endearing and colorful India going well beyond the most common clichés.

Bravo Benoît! A flawless conception and execution. All wrapped up in a cloud of humanity. The ideal then. To do and to do again without moderation!

Magali REGHENAS (Nantes) France

Trip to India and Sri Lanka

A big thank you to Benoît, incredible and very professional trainer, very happy with this training in Sri Lanka and then in India, I can't wait for Burma.

I strongly recommend it, if you wish to discover or improve your knowledge of gemology.

Jean-Marie ALBANESE (Paris) France

Trip to India, Sri Lanka and Thailand

Benoît is a great professional who not only gives his experience, but also offers his sensitivity. He will open doors for you, which hide places, encounters, human beings... and all of this sprinkled with stones, each more beautiful than the others.

It will then be up to you, under his care, to meet, share, harvest and learn.

Benoît sincerely believes that every enthusiast has a place in the field of gemology and helps everyone to find it according to their desires.

In his company, you will live a beautiful gemological adventure...

Emilien DURAND (La Rochelle) France

Trip to Sri Lanka

Underneath his cheerful and optimistic air, Benoît is in fact a very rigorous and conscientious person. Always available, he sincerely shares all his knowledge during the stay. I discovered the best of both gemology and tourism in Sri Lanka, without any bad surprise! Thank you Benoît, I will sign again for other destinations !

Fabienne PETIT (Versailles) France

Trip to Sri Lanka

Very nice journey of discovery of the path of a gem, from extraction to trade in Sri Lanka. Meeting with many traders.

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