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Portrait de Benoit Charbonneau par Gemme Fashion

Dedicated to fans of the jewelry industry, Gemme Fashion is an information space dedicated to news and trends, whose content is produced by professionals in the watchmaking, jewelry and silverware industry and the fashion industry.

Today, Gemme Fashion has become a magazine for the general public, providing information about brands, designers and various organizations in the HBJO world.

Discover the article that this magazine made about our work.

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Académie de Gemmologie Appliquée & Technique (AGAT)

The Academy of Applied Gemology & Technology (AGAT), was established in 2019 to meet increasingly specific needs in the gem and jewelry/jewelry industries.

The AGAT School of Gemology offers multiple training programs in gemology, the Art and Science of gemstones, some of which are exclusive to AGAT.

These programs have been specifically designed and built to enable us to prepare the next generation of professional gemologists to meet the emerging challenges of the rapidly expanding gem and jewelry industries.

Raw gems, cut gems and set gems, training on the entire value chain of precious stones, i.e. from the mine to the jewel, are offered at AGAT in one place by professionals.

Co-founded by Dr. Laurent Massi and Ludovic Durand Oro, this gemology school is much more than a classic gemology school.

Laurent Massi is a doctor of physics from the University of Nantes, a gem expert, lecturer and professor of gemology - the art and science of gemstones - for over two decades. Passionate about gemology and education, Dr. Massi has lectured and taught about gems all over the world. »

We occasionally give lectures on gemology at the AGAT.

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Benoît Charbonneau intervenant A-Speakers

A-Speakers collaborate with a large selection of the expert speakers in France and abroad. The trust that our speakers place in us is the result of many years of collaboration with our satisfied clients. We have speakers on topics such as motivation, leadership, stress management and hundreds of others.

We are very happy to be part of this family of speakers in the field of gemology to better share this passion with companies.

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Institut National de Gemmologie

In 1967, the National Gemological Institute was founded to train future gemologists. For half a century, the Institute has perfected and developed a training model that is now recognized both nationally and internationally.

Now a member of the CIBJO (International Confederation of Jewelry and Goldsmiths), the ING is the international leader in French-speaking education and offers the guarantee of a permanent progress approach, by training more than 350 students each year through its 2 campuses in Paris and Lyon.

We are involved with the National Gemological Institute, for occasional lectures on gemology and annual courses on customs law.

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Ecole de bijouterie Tané

The Tané school is a jewelry school located in Brittany.

In the historic setting of the old Ploërmel train station, the atmosphere at Tané is conducive to meetings and the search for excellence.

Our training courses, focused on know-how (80% of the time in the workshop) and associated knowledge, prepare students for the demands of professional life.

We give gemology courses to the students of the school.

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Podcast Benoît Charbonneau Rubis sur canapé


Goodbye summer, hello autumn.

What could be better than a good podcast to support this rain that keeps falling? This month, I propose you to listen to the extraordinary destiny of Benoît Charbonneau. Some people have gifts and without a doubt Benoît is one of them. This outstanding gemologist will tell you not only how gem trading is done in the four corners of the world but also how he passes on his knowledge by taking participants on his gemological expeditions while going back over his past as a jeweler in a great jewelry house...

To listen to the podcast it is here.

« Sur la route des Moghols » un voyage d’exception !

DISCOVERY Gems joins the design office HISTORY OF CARATS for an exceptional trip entitled "On the road of the Moghuls" which will take place in India from 22 to 26 February 2021 in Rajasthan, India.

At the end of this trip, three dedicated and unpublished conferences on the Mughal Empire will take place, on the one hand on "the origins of the Mughal Empire (16th century), "Art and History of the Mughal Empire (17th to 19th century) and "India and the French Haute-Joaillerie (19th to 20th century).


Complete program and registration by clicking here.

Portrait – Magazine « LUXE INFINITY »

LUXE INFINITY magazine honored us with a beautiful portrait of our work as a jewelry trader, as well as the gemology trips we offer around the world.

In the continuation of our usual stays in gemology, an exceptional stay will take place in February 2021 with daily conferences in history of art and history of the jewel entitled "On the road of the Moghuls,” accompanied by Charline Coupeau and Céline Gaslin-Leduc 2 doctors in Art and Jewelry History.

DISCOVERY Gems s’engage auprès de TARA Childrens

Since October 2019, DISCOVERY Gems is committed to TARA Childrens in India, with the implementation of the sponsorship of RAHUL, 12 years old. By participating in our gemology sessions around the world, you directly finance the access to his instruction, his education and the daily expenses of this young Indian, who was able to get out of the streets of New Delhi, thanks to TARA Childrens. Thank you for him.

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